We review the new single from Chaise – More of You

Blending heartfelt lyrics with a pop-punk sound, Chaise releases her latest track ‘More of You’.
Native to Youngstown, Ohio – the singer-songwriter tackles the ever-relatable theme of young romance – from falling in love, heartbreak and the painful realisations along the way.

Speaking about the single, the artist explained that ‘More of You’ explores “having feelings for someone despite knowing a relationship would never work out with them.” With a love of writing poems in her youth, Chaise continues to utilise this passion in her songwriting. Through the lyrics, the singer lays out a tender relationship full of attraction and intimacy, but also doubts and obstacles which arise.

“I want more of you / But there’s so many reasons not to”
We’re left wondering if – despite their love – this couple just aren’t meant to be.

Exhibiting a moreish soft pop-punk sound, ‘More of You’ runs at just over the four-minute mark, yet manages to retain a definite catchiness. Combining Taylor Swift-esque guitar riffs, a menacing bass line and snappy drumbeat – these elements contrast well with Chaise’s soaring sweet vocal.

Complete with beautifully layered vocal harmonies – there’s a real melancholic edge to this track juxtaposed with its upbeat tempo.

A song that could soundtrack many of our love lives – its vulnerability certainly strikes a chord. And its melody is one hard not to fall for.