We review the new single from Champagne Jacket – Walls of China

Soft, sultry, and bluesy through and through, Champagne Jacket (aka Jack Lewis) brings us his brand new single ‘Walls of China’.

Warm arpeggiated keys ease you in and set the heavy-hearted tone immediately to the blues rock track. What follows, along with a series of jabbing guitar licks, is a back and forth of vocals that are drenched in feeling.

This is just the beginning of strong vocal performances from Jack, as well as guest vocalists Dana Ariel and Maesa. With each note the vocals deliver exactly what they’re meant to, and channel every bit of sorrow and shimmer that make this track what it is.

What’s great about ‘Walls of China’, and what will likely draw you in to listen further, is that it opens up to allow your own interpretation.

The equivocal nature of the lyrics does everything to intrigue you. What is this ‘wall of China’ and how does it fit into the story? It’s completely up to you.

Discussing the song’s title, Jack said ‘There’s quite a bit in there really and I’m keen to hear how people read into it with their own experience’.  It’s a clever creative choice, because it allows the song to be relatable to anyone if they want it to.

Walls of China’ is a more than proficient blues rock song, but Jack takes the description one step further in calling it a ‘modern blues rock’ song. However, I’m not sure it does set itself apart that much to classic blues rock tracks. It’s hard to say what the ‘modern’ element is. It would be great to see more experimentation with sounds and structure in future Champagne Jacket work, to really push the boundaries.

Not everyone might want this though, and I’m sure many people are more than happy with the classic sound.

You can make up your own mind by listening to ‘Walls of China’ down below, and letting us know what you think!

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