We review the new single from Charlie O’Brien – Fire and Foam

One of the best treasures to have come out of the long lockdown we all endured across the globe, ‘Fire and Foam‘ is the first single from Charlie O’Brien’s forthcoming album of the same name.

The track tells the poignant story of love lost and radiates a melancholic yet hopeful attire. Based on a traditional folk arrangement, the track is led through sections of optimism with a note-perfect piano melody.

Recorded last year in Trouble or Fortune Studios in Killarney, Ireland, the track was mixed on the road in Mexico and mastered by Ruairi O’Flaherty of Echo Mastering in L.A. A single that has, more a less, been around the world and back again, this gives an exceptional outlook into what’s to come for charlie.

Just over four minutes long, the track builds not with volume but with momentum from the instrumentation. Featuring a vintage English piano combined with angelic synthesisers, and fascinating vocal tones, it’s Charlie’s powerful folk songwriting that steals the spotlight.

An artist that should be sat with the greats in the genre, Charlie O’Brien deserve wider recognition. Bathed with gentle alt-folk sensibilities that bring the traditional folk forward into a more modern sound, ‘Fire and Foam’ will capture your attention and be the soundtrack to your day – whatever it is your doing.

Extraordinary artist.