We review the new single from Charlton Lane – On The Wall

Charlton Lane brings us some “West Country Boogie disco scuzz kraut blues straight off the Mendips” with latest single ‘On The Wall’.

Following the March release of ‘Gimme Gimme’, the Bristol artist (aka Chris Mitchard) commands our attention once more with this new track.

With a steady climbing mix of punchy beats, snappy drum machine fx, and biting guitars, ‘On The Wall’ thunders along at an irresistibly toe-tapping pace . Charlton comes armed with a distinct-almost crooning-Sprechgesang vocal telling us to “Listen up!”. And we do.

“It ain’t written in the TV Times no it ain’t written in Rolling Stone no, it ain’t written in the horoscope baby.. telling you what you already know yeah”

As he reels off where it isn’t written, it’s pretty clear that we can distract ourselves all we want – but the future is inevitable and you can’t ignore it. “The writing is on the wall, yeah”

If you’re partial to stuff like Billy No Mates, Iggy pop, and LCD Soundsystem, you’ll dig this. Catchy, repetitively chant-like and just over 2-and-a-half-minutes in length – it’s a short, sweet, and particularly sticky track.

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