CHINA ASTER single cover
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Glorious synths and polished vocals are the standout features of Post Production as they unwaveringly pump out pop perfection.

There’s a certain level of cheesiness at the heart of the track, but a prominent level of self-awareness for what the track is, an unashamed joy-infused pop track that does its job brilliantly. A great joyfulness packed with fun runs through its core and it’s unfailing in bringing a grin to your face as it clatters along so wonderfully.

The energetic rhythms which swirl endlessly throughout this track emanate an unignorable ‘80s vibe. Quite aptly for the title, the big production on this track suits their sound wonderfully. For a band of only minimal members, the finish on this new tune is so mesmerizingly big and full that you could be forgiven for presuming there were a handful more of them creating it.

Far from wanting to sound dismissive of their sound by describing as ‘fun’ and ‘pop-infused’, this new piece feels like it has been put together perfectly, achieving everything they can, and still managing to make this well-explored sound exciting. It may have its roots in sounds from times gone by, but it feels like more of a nod to the past as they look to the future, not simply just a rehash of the sound.

Post Production feels like it is ushering in summer as its glimmering beats set the scene ready for those bright days to come. A perfect piece to lift your mood, and it should be heard far and wide. Take a listen below.