We Review The New Single From Chloe Ann – Home

Following the release of her popular 2021 single, Lie Tonight, Chloe Ann returns her new emphatic piece, Home.

The Leicester-based singer brings together a healthy balance between indie rock and pop-rock and has rhythmic influences from the likes of Sam Fender. The steady verse delivery with vocal centering leads to bursts of anthemic choruses and is a song that works its build-up well to attract as much attention to the details in the chorus.

Home’s lyrics are of the love story genre, with the leading subject Home being “wherever you are” to the individual whom Chloe Ann devotes her voice and time. Whilst giving up everything for someone else may not be the most empowering move, it is a passionate subject in relation to devotion and following one’s heart.

Chloe Ann opens the track emphasising how she faces conflicting opinions from her friends, but she is ready and willing to follow her partner’s dream and journey. It’s a song with a sense of magic and how Chloe Ann is being shown this new world where she is a stranger, but as long as she’s with the individual in question she will be fine.

Instrumentally, the vocals are powerful at their best and emotive at their steadiest. The snare hits are clean and mold nicely with the overall instrument delivery despite the guitars sounding drowned out. Matching that with the harmonised and background vocals does give them a layer to lean against though, despite the guitars lacking a punch similar artists of this genre achieve.

The underlying tremolo guitar notes throughout the first verses are all the track needs to keep an easy-going rhythm with the softest of notes. Home does demonstrate a more flushed-out sound in the later verses. As previously mentioned with the guitars lacking in a true definition to the sound, at last Home provides a wall of noise in its most exciting moments.