We review the new single from Cinco Bandz – Change

The end of March saw Georgia based rapper, Cinco Bandz, return with his latest single, ‘Change’. The release of ‘Change’ follows on from his previous singles, ‘TWERK SUM MO’ and ‘I Need Love’ which have allowed Cinco Bandz to reach new heights.

Change’ was written at high-speed, completed only two days after the rapper bought a sample beat from a fellow musician. Much more relatable than Cinco Bandz’s previous releases, ‘Change’ sees the rapper draw on his own life experiences, reflecting on leaving people and places behind in order to pursue his passion for music. The honesty portrayed throughout ‘Change’ is destined to allow Cinco Bandz’s audience to feel as if they know him on a much more personal level, as strong, picturesque lyrics allow the listener to put themselves in the position of the rapper.

Since exploding onto the scene in 2020, Cinco Bandz has made some massive waves within the rap genre. The release of ‘TWERK SUM MO’ saw Cinco Bandz garner over 10,000 views on YouTube, and a whopping 30,000 streams. ‘I Need Love’ has also seen Cinco Bandz reach big audiences, gaining a huge 11,000 streams in its lifetime, with new listeners coming across his tracks every day.

Change’ is a track that sees Cinco Bandz take a much more relatable, personable approach which he uses to his advantage. A track destined to see the rapper appeal to new, wider audiences, the song feels like a milestone moment in the rapper’s back-catalogue and will leave rap fans excited for Cinco Bandz’s next steps.