We review the new single from Clouds and Errors – See You See Me

Opening with the sound of a lone guitar, ‘See You See Me‘ quickly picks up in energy and sound, as classic indie jangly guitar chords take over. Clouds and Errors break it down for the verse, stripping it back to just voices, giving them plenty of space to build back up to full power for the chorus. Beautifully crisp female vocals come in at the chorus, providing a nice lift in the song and challenging the male dominated expectations. The two voices of Clouds and Errors blend beautifully together, complimenting each other with harmonies.

What’s an indie song without a great guitar hook? ‘See You See Me’ certainly fulfils this quota with a perfectly melodic and catchy hook that stands out from the rest of the instrumental, acting as a calling card for the song. Influences from Green Day can be heard in the overdriven electric guitars and energetic bass line.

Manchester indie rockers Clouds and Errors are new to the scene, and their anthemic debut has them off to a flying start. Their lyrics are filled with personality and humour, whilst delivering strength and emotion. This band has cut their chops performing live on stage in and around Bolton, and you can hear this paying off. ‘See You See Me’ has that youthful indie charm, blended with a defiant maturity in sound and style.

A ripping guitar solo anchors the song, contrasting with the vocal breakdown. The blistering guitar solo is a stand out moment of the song, an intrinsic musicality shining through. The mix of the single also has to be commended, each element is given enough space to excel on its own, without needing to jostle for the limelight. The result is a slick and professional sound, making Clouds and Errors sound like they’ve been doing this for years.