We review the new single from Coastal Fire Dept, What Do I

Needing a grunge fix and still angry that people think it should have been left in the 90s? Look no further. The latest release from Coastal Fire Dept. is a breath of fresh air, and nudges yesteryears yet still feels refreshing to today’s time.

Consisting of three singles all over three and a half minutes long, the mini-EP combines alternative rock elements with tinges of grunge and indie.

Telling the relatable tale about people who wear their hearts on their sleeves, the track comes across as a warning to be careful with who you trust with your feelings. Like the old saying goes ‘keep your friends close, but your enemies closer‘, ‘What Do I’ speaks volumes simply because we’ve all been in that boat before at some stage in our lives.

Heavily influenced by US bands such as Nirvana, the British band create singalong choruses with a great number of guitar melodies added in for flavour.

Refusing to be locked in a cage, the EP is a non-stop energyfest that tells listeners rock and roll will never die. A band that are constantly evolving not only with sound but songwriting too, we’re excited to see what may come next from Coastal Fire Dept.