New single “I Might Fall Apart” from Manchester based artist College Elite sees Joshua William returning with his usual raw, stripped back sound filled with catchy hooks and a laidback energy.  

Hitting perfectly onto the pop-punk genre of sound with an upbeat rhythm combined with angsty lyricism and lo-fi reverb guitar College Elite ticks all the boxes for your classic pop-punk track. Endless catchy hooks and an anthemic chorus mean this track is filled with unrelenting energy that lasts until the end of its fairly short run time.

With lyrics inspired by a relationship not working out and the frustrations that come with that, Williams’ lyrics are open and straightforward in a way that is authentic and relatable. Using only a single guitar, percussion and vocals College Elite’s DIY recording style and simplistic instrumental nature means there’s a refreshing young and unprocessed feel to his music which is bound to strike a chord with young teenage pop-punk fans.  

However, although I do see the charm in the simplicity of College Elites sound I think that this could be maintained whilst also incorporating a more engaging song structure and more variations of sound in the track so that it stays memorable.

Whilst I find the DIY recording style delightful, for me where the track really falls down is in its repetitiveness. Whilst this isn’t necessarily a bad thing in a single to gain more success in the industry College Elite would benefit from proving he’s not a one trick pony and pushing outside his comfort zone a bit more.