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We review the new single from College Elite – Trouble

‘Trouble’ is the new single from Manchester band College Elite, and it is safe to say that it does not disappoint.

The northern indie rock band are known for their unique sound, which doesn’t only attract but captivates you at the same time. And when looking back at their old releases and comparing them to their new track, ‘Trouble’ is going to have no issue fitting into the already incredible compilation.

Opening with a saturated instrumentation of guitars, percussion, and keys, you can tell there is a real sense of emotion pouring through this music. It draws you in with its sedate tempo and leaves you anticipating the words to follow.

The lyrics “Remember the time you told me you tried to throw yourself off a building, but you got too scared, and you didn’t know what to do” hit you like a truck. They are so raw and vivid that they leave you in awe of the unapologetic projection coming from the band. It almost mimics that feeling you get, when you’re reading a story, and you can’t for the life of you put the book down. You must know what happens next. And in this case, you must know where ‘Trouble’ is going to take you.

So, without giving too much away about this incredible song, I think it’s up to you to find out how ‘Trouble’ really ends. And, like me, end up being completely hypnotised by the band that is College Elite.