We Review The New Single From Connor Adams – Calm In The Madness

Through grit and anxiety, Connor Adams lets his feelings out on his latest single, Calm In The Madness.

The London-based artist tackles his emotions and mental struggles dealt with through the last couple of years with lockdowns and plenty of time for self-reflection.

The previous NMG Pop Artist Of The Year balances deep bass movements on one side with pounding drums on the other. The opening vocals give promise as the vocal effects happily complement the gritty guitar delivery.

The impact of the vocals takes a step back in the chorus and is replaced with soft vocal harmonies. Whilst the drums pound away continuously, the emotional impact in the lyrics isn’t quite reflected in the music as I was expecting from both the press release and thematics. On the other hand, the ‘Calm In The Madness‘ song title is well reflected in this chorus.

For a chorus that gradually becomes more impactful with each delivery, the vocals actually make sense for why they’re like they are. The vocal delivery of the lyrics is that calm whilst the madness of heavy bass and smashing drums play out in the background. It took this writer a few listens to realise this track has a great metaphorical impact on the listener and its lyrics sum up a lot of the feelings many of us will have gone through.

The desire for serotonin and acting like everything is okay whilst the world is crashing around us is admirable and the tones of the guitars and overall contribution of the music deliver the concept of everything not being quite how we feel it should be. Connor Adams brings his emotions, words, and experiences to life in a well-thought-out piece of music.