We review the new single from Craig Gould – Burned

Something different from Burton-On-Trent’s hottest new property as Craig Gould raises the pace on this third and final single before the launch of his much anticipated upcoming debut LP, and the results are empathetic, and anthemic.

Following on from previous track Captain Of The Seas, Gould takes his folky-Americana up a notch as the plod off bass and piecing electric guitar carries his sound to brave new horizons he’s not explored before, and he reaps the rewards magnificently.

Burned has been described as a “drinking anthem”, and although true to an extent, and it will undeniably be one that gets the room up and moving at any party, that phrase definitely feels like it sells the depth of the track short slightly. Far from being ‘just’ a track for when you’re having booze and fancy a jig, this is in fact a beautifully layered, magnificently crafted piece of music, all wrapped up in the form of a fun, rhythmic tune.

If you’re not impressed enough already with his work, the message he’s trying to push finishes it off tremendously. He has spoken of inspiring more considered and compassionate thoughts on mental health with his upcoming album, and true to his beliefs all profits from this new track will be added to the money he has already raised for CALM, and donated.

A brilliant song, a brilliant cause, what’s not to like? If you haven’t heard him yet, go discover his mesmeric music.