We Review The New Single From Cultures – Meteorite

A year on from their last single, Manchester’s Cultures return with their melodic piece Meteorite.

A track whose overall sound has a dark aura around the instrumental tones and notes that ring out aims to be positive with lyrics getting better. Meteorite is a track about becoming stronger and getting out there and the trio’s layering of vocals, reverb effects, and reaching guitar high notes create an atmosphere one wants to delve into.

The guitar and vocal tones tamper in the dream pop region with high notes dominating most of the track and the atmospheric vocals create a dreamy and calming mood. Culture’s sound mixes nicely with the history of Manchester’s indie rock music. Whilst the guitar tones and vocal effects send the track in a gloomier/sleepy path, the drums from dancing snares to galloping cymbal fills give the song the positive energy the lyrics are desperate for.

The chorus sees notes ring out amongst soothing harmonies whilst the drums keep a steady rhythm full of encouragement. Though the bridge is a steady rehash of the chorus with expected build-up, it doesn’t waste too much time being slow and steady before a drowning entourage of noise fills the room.

Cultures are heading down an exciting path with their musical experimentation with elements of indie rock, indie pop, and dreampop, with a tour on the cards as well the group looks ready to push their instrumental limits.