Maryland really has produced a brilliant talent in the voice of Cynthia Angelica. ‘Flatline’, which is the second single from the USA pop artist, is quite an incredible contrast of music in so many ways. 

The track throughout, feels really melancholic but somehow really, really powerful. The track has that classic ballad feel in the instrumental lines. The piano playing a bittersweet chord progression with an almost haunting melody line accompanying; coupled with the sustained, droning bass notes which honestly makes me feel quite uncomfortable listening to this piece of music. 

I have commented in previous reviews on the emotions that a piece of music can make a person feel. I have never really been made to feel uncomfortable and haunted by a piece of music until I heard this song. The quality of writing behind ‘Flatline’ cannot be complimented enough, to draw on such a range of human emotions through any art form is something that is so underappreciated by audiences who consume the art. This song is just that, a piece of art. 

The story behind this song is one that I do find truly amazing, Cynthia says that this song was written after her sister was in the vicinity of a mass shooting and is about trying to find a glimmer of hope in hopelessness. I’m not one for looking into the original meaning of a song but I just had to as this one intrigued me so much. 

Part of what makes this song so amazing is the sheer quality of the simplistic yet stunning vocals. The vocal line almost doesn’t feel like a traditional lead vocal; more like something which is accompanying the rest of the track and complimenting the instrumental lines. Not my cup of tea personally but this track is a true piece of artwork and I’m sure will bless many ears. The message of the song, I’m sure, will also resonate with many people.