We review the new single from DAAY – Dream Kit

Adventurous from the first sequence, ‘Dream Kit‘ isn’t for the faint-hearted. If you’re into indie music with tinges of psychedelia and even jazz-fusion, this will be something for you. Bathed with vibrant vocal melodies that glisten in the darkness and sunlight, ‘Dream Kit’ is fitted for every sort of mood. The perfect addition to your party playlist and also chilled one, its energetic persona comes across as uplifting and able to boost serotonin levels.

Just over four minutes long, it feels like the track could have been arranged slightly better in places. Feels like ‘Dream Kit‘ could have got its point across firmly without stretching the track.

Saying that the track tells a story and without a certain section, it just wouldn’t work. Telling the tale of needing a dream ‘kit’ to help navigate through your dreams, there are hidden meanings within the track that also explores self-discovery.

Sounding somewhere between the realms of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and Tame Impala, the euphoric sound that DAAY consistently brings to the table is remarkable.

Diving into a powerful philosophy, the new release comes across as mature and DAAY’s most theatrical release to date.

Finding something different with each listen, DAAY’s new single definitely keeps the strong songwriting momentum going.