We review the new single from Damian Luke and the Sweet Beast – Mighty Muse

Opening with the crackle of vinyl and the heavy melancholic tones of the blues, you think this is what you’re in for for the next few minutes. 

But wait.

Almost out of nowhere the track jumps into an upbeat and bouncing sound that is drenched in earworms and perfectly set up for the summer festival season. This is the sound of the debut single ‘Mighty Muse’ from Sheffield band Damian Luke and the Sweet Beast.

With supportive chanting, brightly-toned guitars, and all sorts of joyful chimes and rhythms, this track is unapologetically cheerful. Talking about the song, the band said ‘Mighty Muse is ultimately about being unapologetically yourself, free from outside influence or ridicule and the realisation that in that space, everything’s going to be alright.’.

Whilst at points the vocals feel a bit too jam-packed and the track plays heavily into the cheesy anthem sound, overall this is still a strong release from the band, especially for a debut single.

The well-produced nature of the song brings an air of professionalism to the group, and it gives the impression that they already know what the sound of Damian Luke and the Sweet Beast is meant to be. It seems they are a band that knows what they want to do and are getting on with it.

A run of festival dates over the next year and an end of year big show planned in Sheffield should set them up nicely to continue their strong start, and it will be interesting to see what they do next.