We review the new single from Dandelion James – Wait And See

Cheshire-based rocker, Dandelion James has risen from the ashes of previous music efforts to provide us with the tasty rock number, Wait And See.

This piece merges Americana vibes with blues rock with grooving guitars and galloping drums.

The vocals come in unexpectedly and grab you by force with James’ having a unique voice that somehow works well with this style of rock music. His range roars out and reaches interesting highs and lows to fit the mood of the lyrics.

The lyrical themes talk of being told you’ll be all alone and whilst this is a depressing subject, the music distracts from that tastefully with the transitioning guitar leads keeping the same tempo throughout most of the track.

The picked notes ring out with slightly overdriven grit beefing up the background sound. James’ vocals are definitely the highlight here with a sound I have rarely heard myself. They feel mature, experienced, and full of emotion.