Bury-based musician Danny Darlington delves into the sugar-sweet sounds and subjects of love in his latest track, I’m Not Romeo.

Jangly guitars and galloping drums make I’m Not Romeo a tasteful dash of indie pop with sounds emanating from the early 90s dreampop scene and its re-emergence in the early 2010s.

Darlington’s vocals are just as sweet and their lighter touch mix well with the tones of the effected guitars, furthermore a soaring style to a song that talks about the ups and downs in relationships.

The guitar tones are so warm and whilst both guitar leads swim around the tracks, above them the drums progressively become more intense as they are both ferocious and stripped back. They’re really given their moment to entice the listener in a very guitar-dominated genre.

I’m Not Romeo is a classic dreampop track with a variety of guitars and guitar effects layered over each other. The production really compliments the instrumentation and vocals to create a pool-dipping cool atmosphere. The mixture of tempos between guitars and drums is both catchy and engrossing with a ringing guitar playing one note to the drums’ much larger number.

The build-up from the chorus into the post-chorus has a classic indie track written all over it, with the song accessibility diving into the pop-sphere, it’s one of the most varied and accessible indie tracks of the year.