We Review The New Single From Deadwing – Sunset Room

Lashings of groove metal merged with thick distortion-layered guitars showcase Deadwing as a larger-than-life band on their new single Sunset Room.

The quartet’s sound ranges from slick and heavy Sabbath-style tones to varied and progressive Tool-like structures. There is a beautiful twist of melodies and variety in each instrumental progression throughout the track that warmingly compliments the hard-rock genre.

Sunset Room bursts in with a thumping bass that batters away over varied drum patterns, almost like the two are competing with each other. The distorted and chunky guitar notes rain through the overall sound of the track, aiming to drown out anything that isn’t Deadwing.

Frontwoman Ellis’ vocals harmonise with the higher guitar notes but stretch out impressively throughout the verse and choruses, an admirable metal frontperson delivery. Her vocals soar above the overall sound and find the melodies mixed within the scraping guitar structures.

Sunset Room is a burst of volume and feels as thick as it is heavy on the ears. It’s a lot to take in and the kind of hard-rock track you want to revisit constantly and pay attention to each individual instrument. The guitar is such a dominant instrument from the wah-intro to the crunching chorus, it’s very Adam Jones which fans of Tool will be most pleased to hear.

If you like your rock music that can mix instrumental diversity, heavy tones, and charming melodies with extra-ordinarily powerful vocal delivery then Deadwing is your new favourite band.