We Review The New Single From DEFS – No Worries If Not

Genre-bending and madness-ensuing DEFS delivers his new explosive track with the commonly spoken title, No Worries If Not.

It’s a phrase many will use where we could really do with the help or task doing, but our classic British ways descend into us saying that it’s alright and no worries if not. The variety in DEFS’ musical delivery emphasises the frustration that comes with the sentiment as spoken word punk blossoms into 90s nu-metal angst.

From Yard Act’s spoken moments, Jeff Rosenstock’s punk energy, and the blistering Rage Against The Machine onslaught delivered in the latter part of the track, DEFS is full of inspiration and he’s not letting you know what’s coming next. The early fuzzy riffs sound like they should belong on the Bart level in The Simpsons: Hit & Run but captures the mood instantly of a track that’s going to be a bit erratic.

A group vocal delivered chorus becomes this angry growling as if many voices are in the narrator’s head with different views on the situation at hand. When you’re first introduced to this track you might think oh here comes another spoken word post-punk track, but what’s great to see is DEFS’ short and sharp behaviour in changing styles within an instant.

The bridge and outro are an explosion of wah pedal riffs and chunky distortion that evolves from the earlier post-chorus and with DEFS currently being an internet band, allows for the creative freedom you hear.

Even the artwork sums up the song with the concept that you could be drowning and really like some assistance, but in our passive way, we don’t want to bother anyone. If anything there should be an alternate artwork with a thumbs up instead.

DEFS provides high energy and a love of the many varieties that punk rock has given us over the years. There’s something for everyone here.