Deploy - Intersecting Lines


Mark Cousins, aka Deploy, is a Drum and Bass producer/DJ who has been on the scene for many years, aiming to capture a range of experiences and feelings through his tracks. This was apparent in ‘Can We Go Back’ earlier this year, inspired by Cousins’ nostalgia of 90s raves.

In 2023, Deploy has continued to make a concerted effort in pushing his music to the fore of the electronic dance music scene. With the successful releases of the ‘Whatever You Need’ EP in late June, and single ‘Freedom VIP’ in July, it is clear that Cousins has the ability to tap into a wide range of sub-genres. Looking forward to his new single ‘Intersecting Lines’, the DnB artist will release the track across streaming platforms on 1st December. 

‘Freedom VIP’ had combined an atmospheric background and vocal with intense drums to form an energetic, liquid-style DnB track. Deploy maintains this atmospheric-liquid style in ‘Intersecting Lines’. This serves as the perfect backdrop for the lyrics of the track which are delivered by Cousins himself this time.

Although there are few words, as is usually the case with most forms of electronic dance music, there can be no denying that they are carefully and cleverly chosen. As Cousins sings, “I can see the fog lifting”, the blend of ambient tones and soulful backing vocals also seem to disappear as the song lifts towards its energetic drop. 

As the hard-hitting jungle beats kick in the quality and experience of Cousins in producing dance music is clear. However, this perhaps comes from his background of playing in indie bands, a rare experience for many electronic musicians but one that no doubt helped his songwriting and vocal ability. With his talent for production, it would be great to see Deploy partner up with and tailor to an MC for a future release. 

‘Intersecting Lines’ adds another belting track to Cousins’ label Deploy The Music, one that DnB heads may want to look out for.