We review the new single from Desert Ships – Fire on the Moon

Could you really imagine a ‘Fire on the Moon? Impossible? Or you could turn that word actually into ‘I’m possible’ because Desert Ships can make anything happen.

On a serious note, the London based outfit have been championed by BBC 6 Music and have also recorded at Abbey Road. Quickly becoming London favourites, their endearing sound is thought-provoking but in the best way possible.

Prominently alternative rock with dashes of psychedelia and garage rock to add extra flavour, Desert Ships’ songwriting seems to be going from strength to strength, and ‘Fire on the Moon’ cement this as a fact.

Only two and a half minute track, the track may be short but it certainly gets its point across in that timeframe. Armed with fuzz and synths that blast through the cosmos, the track has lyrical themes of isolation and tech paranoia.

A story that could easily be made into a blockbuster movie, the group shares that the tale is about a blue-collar worker living and working in orbit, spending his days cleaning satellites and his night missing his family back on earth. Reminiscing a sci-fi movie, this track would be perfect for a feature in The Martian movie.

Timeless and coated with endless amounts of energy, this is easily one of the best tracks of December.