Dilemmas are a three-piece indie rock band, from Blackburn making waves in the music scene with their exciting and dynamic sound. The band is known for their heavy effect guitars, directive bass notes, and thick northern accents that blend perfectly with their psychedelic and smooth indie rock tunes.

Dilemmas’ new single “Walkaway” showcases their unique sound with its catchy chorus and bouncy drums, creating an energetic and lively atmosphere. The song opens with a distinctive riser paired with a guitar slide, followed by a burst of energetic drums that set the tone for the entire track.

The guitar’s tone is heavily processed and features a range of effects, including distortion, reverb, and delay. The heavy effects of the guitar create a thick and rich sound that perfectly complements the frontman’s northern accent and adds to the overall psychedelic and dreamy feel of the track. The unique guitar work is particularly notable during the chorus, where the guitar riffs ring out over the bouncy drums and create a catchy and infectious melody that will resonate with you long after the song has ended.

The deep kick patterns provide a solid foundation for the guitar line, which is characterized by ethereal distortion and post-punk subtleties. The singer’s vocals soar over the rhythm section in a dynamic and dreamy wave, delivering cutting lyrics in memorable hooks.


The chorus is punchy and delivers a smooth transition to a short stripped-back ‘interlude’ section, where the lead singer’s vocals are showcased over a simple four-on-the-floor drum pattern that is baked into the track.

The unique combination of these elements creates a sound that is both energetic and dreamy, with a distinctive psychedelic quality. The song’s energy and seamless transition from verse to verse make it an enjoyable listen. The use of vox reverb adds depth and texture to the vocals, giving them a unique quality.

Although the vocal range is limited, the singer’s ability to express emotions through the delivery of the lyrics is impressive. The chorus is where the vocals shine the most, “I can believe and I can see” are repeated throughout the song, adding a sense of continuity and a catchy hook.

The guitar solo towards the song’s end is a definite highlight, with the instrument popping off and capturing the listener’s attention. The final verse is brought back in with a drum ending that is nothing short of immaculate. The song concludes with a wall of guitar sound, just like the beginning that leaves a lasting impression on the listener, and is a perfect loop.