We review the new single from Dirty Mitts – Ball & Chain

London-based outfit Dirty Mitts serve up their second single in the form of blistering new track ‘Ball & Chain’ this month.

The eclectic four-piece of experienced musicians from the UK, Poland and Egypt – who only came together in 2022 – follow up their debut release ‘My Show’ with a new tune painted as a self-proclaimed homage to the Rolling Stones no less!

Running at just over four minutes in length, ‘Ball & Chain’ brings all that bluesy goodness of the early ‘Stones with an old-school rock ‘n’ roll sound. Opening with hard-hitting drums, this continues to keep the rockin’ pace throughout. It’s that kinda thumping, thwacking beat you feel resonating right through your chest.

Guitar riffs bite, wail and tumble through the track and vocals take on a distinctive Jagger-esque attitude complete with the enthusiastic grunts, growls and screams we’d all expect. This delivery adds a great deal of character to this number as the lyrics lay bare a toxic relationship. About the track, the band have explained “Fire can be beautiful, but it bloody hurts if you get too close”, and it’s this desire that is shown to be equal measures of passion and poison.

“Your love is a poor man’s game… with a ball and chain”

Closing out on a clash of shimmering cymbals and reverbed guitars – it’s a high-octane offering. Nothing particularly new or ground-breaking, but then again that’s not really the point. The band’s passion and admiration for classic rock and bands such as the Rolling Stones and the like is pretty evident here. It’s a vintage sound, but a powerful one. There’s no denying that. And you just try keeping your feet still… I dare you.