Gritty, aggressive guitar goodness. The perfect way to describe the latest single from Doll Riot. The American four-piece was formed by four high school teenagers in San Diego. These young up-and-comers are not messing around and have a real point to put across in their music. Something which immediately grabbed my attention and drew me in. 

Mrreowrr’ is a song about the gender stereotyping of women over emotional aspects and the anger that arises as a consequence of these stereotypes existing. Such a prominent issue in our modern society and one which many women go through. This angsty, powerful track does not shy away from exploring such taboo issues and makes sure to confront the issues which so many women in our society face. 

To do this so convincingly in a song is absolutely incredible. I’m never usually a huge fan of female vocalists doing sort of heavier music, I’m not sure why there’s no reason other than just preference but occasionally there will be a band and a vocalist that shock me. However,  Elena (vocalist/guitarist) of Doll Riot has brought one of these occasions around. 

Punk music and surrounding genres have never been typically highly produced or with the most pristine, complex musical arrangements within them – so it almost feels slightly pointless me discussing these things. I will however comment on how well this genre of music is being performed. The band clearly knows its roots and although not a band I have heard of before I will definitely be keeping my eye on the three-piece powerhouses from California.