We Review The New Single From Dora Gola – Dance With Danger

Polish-born and Irish-based singer, Dora Gola embraces a world of musical influences with the sensual new single, Dance With Danger.

Dance With Danger mixes together the sounds of alt-pop titans of the 80s such as Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel with world music from Irish folk roots and European dance.

Dora Gola’s vocals flow like a gentle river with encapsulating grouped backing vocals filling the track with spice and flair. The vocal work from Dora Gola herself is the perfect fit for electro-pop beats and electronic flute playing and creates a unique forestry atmosphere.

Her music so far has been filled with spirit and energy. Dance With Danger continues that overall power as the song moves from uplifting dance beats to gentle piano chords and wavy vocals.

The album of the same name is expected to drop in September and Dora Gola isn’t the kind of artist to just wear the influences on her sleeve. She instead builds on them and takes inspiration from her roots both previous and current and mashes together a new blend of pop music that both feels familiar and somewhat fresh.

The overall world sound is a piece of music that will never shy away from being relevant whether it is 80s pop, 2000’s dance, or 2022’s Irish-European mash-up.