A new single from Liverpool based producer and multi-instrumentalist Danny Watts “Bob Crane” is the first glimpse into the looming release of Downtown Patriots sophomore album inspired by both 90s grunge and more modern synth music such as Daft Punk.  

Starting off with tense, rumbling synth sounds that are then complemented by Danny Watts gravelly, deep vocals soaring loudly over the background instrumentation “Bob Crane” sounds like the theme tune of a backstreet movie villain.

The lyrics further emphasise this telling the story of an antagonist by the name of Bob Crane who spends his days looking for trouble on the streets and knocking back whiskey in his castle. This vivid description merged with tense and rough instrumentation and vocals allow the listener to easily imagine the character the song is based around and have a clear conceptual image.  

The chorus of “Bob Crane” is the highlight of the song, with impassioned grunge guitar combined with synths the chorus is an explosion of energy and sound which creates an exciting and emotive atmosphere. Danny Watts influences such as Van Halen can be heard clearly in the chord progression and hard rock guitar.

However, it’s the verses of “Bob Crane” where the song falls down which contrasting to the chorus sound too empty and overly forgettable. Although “Bob Crane” has a great concept behind it and a clear vision, it could do with more being added to parts of the track to keep the listener engaged as well as build up to the chorus more effectively.