WE review the new single from Duke Charelle – Epilogue

Funky psychedelic beats are aplenty as Duke Charelle follows up his 2019 album Beyond The Magick Mirror with this a track packed full of the jig inducing rhythms we have become accustomed to with his music.

Having made his way up through the back streets of the funk scene, moving through choirs, ‘big’ bands, jazz bands and open mic nights whilst constantly learning and perfecting new instruments and sounds, he definitely now seems to have found his place; at the front, in the spotlight, and flaunting his majestic talents to the world.

Epilogue is a brave track to come back with after his aforementioned album. It is distinctively bigger, more experimental, and downright wackier than what we have heard from him before, but in my opinion, it works a treat.

Having already produced a bold, heavily modernised take on the genre, he takes it a step further here. The deep, echoing tones of the sporadic narration, combined with the ever-rising base of synth and guitar riffs really give the track a feeling of an out-of-this-world adventure, almost like you’re listening to the future through this wildly ambitious project.

Having pushed the boundaries of what he can accomplish with his sound almost to their limits it’s hard to pigeonhole this track and call it any one thing now. It’s such a weird and wonderful miss-match of sounds that it feels like something must surely go wrong at some point during the track, but it never does. Music needs people to keep pushing on looking for new and exciting noise, and that’s exactly what he’s doing. Long may it continue.