We review the new single from Earls – ‘Money 4 Meat’

Opening with a barrage of sound and pounding almost tribal drums, this track opens up into distorted vocals that carry a power and sense of anger in them. The Leicester based rockers convey a depth within their sound, with low gravelly vocals, gritty lyrics and rough distorted guitars that echo through you.

With a real punk mentality, Earls questions commercial capitalism – stating that anything not breathing can be sold for meat. For the first four minutes of this song, the repetitive drums and guitar combination creates a dirge-like feeling to the song. The song’s opening brings to mind the sounds of Royal Blood and Idles. Picking up in energy and tone around the 4:35 mark, Earls pour a new unbridled sense of energy into the song, ramping up the drums to a quick march, picking up momentum as they go. Streaming noises from the guitar convey a dismal rage as this section develops with shouting vocals before coming to an abrupt end.

Perhaps this song calls for more development of some of the ideas presented, the verses in particular lull you into a trance-like state and come across as very repetitive, however this structure and presented emotion reflects the lyrical content well, and conveys the meaning of the song cohesively.

There’s alot to delve into lyrically, and these powerful words are delivered with a strong and unflinching voice. A lone and light backing vocal line provides a great contrast to the grit of the rest of the track and adds to the general tribal sound of the first section of this track.

This is a great Rock track that stands up against the likes of Idles, Royal Blood, and Murder Capital. Presenting great ideas here, Earls show great promise and a clear mastery of songwriting as they convey their message with poignancy and clarity through all aspects of the song, from the lyrics and vocals down to the drums.