Opening up with a mellow guitar riff, ‘Four’ is the latest track from Liverpool based rock outfit East Exchange. This enigmatic four-piece leaves nothing behind on this track, which is rife with emotion and intense feelings. A perfect rock ballad, ‘Four’ is the perfect soundtrack for heartbreak, or just that journey home on the bus after a hard day.

The lead vocals are a stand out feature of this track, closely followed by the electric guitar solo which rips through the final half of the song, amplifying the intensity of emotion. The lead vocals are both tender and powerful, perfectly balanced within the mix, and are delivered with a sincerity that makes you slow down and listen to the lyrical content. Although mostly written from cliche’s, the lyrics of ‘Four’ are paired with effortlessly beautiful melodies that wonderfully showcase the vocal abilities of Sonny, the lead singer. Reaching gentle highs in his voice, before sinking to the depths of his range, this acrobatic display is one of the best parts of the song.

The mix of this song has to be commended, each layer is balanced beautifully, nothing fighting for the attention of the listener. The steady drums speak to a talented and experienced drummer who doesn’t steal the limelight, but uses the full drum kit to take your attention in the right moments of the song.

The guitar playing in this song is brilliant, rising to a massive crescendo in the final climax of the song. The way dynamics are played with by East Exchange is a mark of their songwriting ability, knowing to hold something back for the end, rather than giving it all to us in the first chorus. The song is well managed, forever growing towards the final guitar solo and chorus that soars to a cacophony of noise and feeling, much like the emotions that lead you “need[ing] to go home”.

Liverpool rockers East Exchange pull from a range of influences for this song, citing Pink Floyd, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Paolo Nutini to name a few. The huge diversity is evident in their sound, which is measured and mature, clearly something that has been worked on and diligently crafted. Singles like this don’t happen by accident, and it’ll be exciting to see what the talented four piece do next.