We Review The New Single From Egotist – GOD

Egotist produce raw emotion with poetic instrumentation on their latest single, GOD.

The Manchester alt-pop outfit’s new track aligns somewhere between Nick Cave and The National with eerie piano notes and ethereal vocals creating a deep, dark and spiritual experience.

The string arrangements from the guitar matched with the gentle playing of the piano instantly provide you with pure emotion. The addition of echoing deep vocals set the scene as a power ballad of the 80s. The subtle female vocals in the background are almost ghostly as they unmistakenly taunt the lead vocals like a God-taunted man.

The whole piece builds with intensity and tension, but gently drifts away towards its outro and as the vocals fade out into the distance, it has a deathly effect on the track that all the anticipation intended and progression felt died away as everything does. It’s a song that balances darkness and beauty simultaneously and that is complemented by the production that makes the whole track feel archaic.

It’s a powerful song that many can relate to in dealing with inner voices and fighting your doubt. The overall sound has a gothic feeling to it and is artistic in a poetic sense that the track feels old and in touch with nature and all things around it. Egotist is breaking a mold in music that is rarely touched and their alt-pop approach and dramatic music is a major genre shift to everything else coming out of Manchester.