Alt-pop mancunians Egotist are treading a well-trodden path. Their brand of anthemic indie loudness is well established – with Bastille and Imagine Dragons having monopolised the style in the 2010s. But listening to Egotist’s newest release `I Worry Too Much’ – the follow-up to the band’s debut single `God’ – evokes earlier influence. With lyrics like ‘they’ll think you’ve gone mad but they’re not like us,’ it’s easy to imagine Dave Gahan propelling the song over something more electronic.

The fear with such influence is that Egotist may be vainly rehashing a by-gone era. However, with bands like The Kooks and The Wombats continuing to tour voraciously and successfully, a thirst for indie-pop remains. The latter even released a song about worrying on their most recent record, so this song’s premise remains relevant.

Songwriter Joe Prior describes `I Worry Too Much’ as being `about a friend who was always there for me during the break downs and after the pills wore off.’ Hence and understandably, the song is dourly drenched in pain and the particularly direct vocals convey this potently, as our protagonist longs for a modicum of optimism, finally finding one when `the blood on [their] hands rub off on your fingers.’

Sadly, the song is drenched in as much reverb as it is in emotion, resulting in an instrumental that sounds unpleasingly distant, oddly contradicting the more upfront lyricism. Nonetheless, provided the band progress sonically to achieve something more individualised, confessional anthems like this will suit Egotist well.