We Review The New Single From Elis – Bite Your Tongue

Taking pop music in a new direction, Elis. has a flare for the dark side on their latest track, Bite Your Tongue.

Pop music is always being stretched and reformed like Blackpool rock and Elis. blurs the lines between genres with moments of industrial, post-punk, and distorted electro-pop.

A dancing bass and steady percussion arrangement encounter extra electronic percussion as an eerie vibe builds up around the verses before a classic punk guitar rips under the vocal-directive chorus line.

Two styles run parallel here with the groovy rhythm section being met with darker instrumental tones and lyrical themes that feel like a continuous raining cloud on a sunny day. The sultry vocal delivery in the chorus that maintains a spoken delivery has a modern-day gothic and expressive feeling to them. Elis. is going to be who they want to be and they’re loving how they’re doing it.

Whilst the vocals do dominate the chorus, you feel almost dragged into Elis and the dark tones like hands dragging you from the floor below. The whole term of the single title Bite Your Tongue looks like it goes in many directions from the theory of holding one’s words to a more engaging and almost taboo direction.

With the overall lyrical themes and imagery, it looks like Elis. could be taking pop in a long-awaited darker direction that has certainly been attempted over the years, but with the right visionary, this style will fit well in so many social groups.