Elizabeth Liddle


Returning with her angelic tones with this new track is County Durham singer Elizabeth Liddle.

As with her previous work What I Wouldn’t Do finds beauty in the simplistic. With crisp vocals and a heavenly piano track, it simply floats from the speakers and leaves you feeling fuzzy after listening.

Although What I Wouldn’t Do isn’t a departure from her previous work, it does feel more complete. There’s an undeniable matureness to Liddle’s music which seems to grow with every release, and this feels like the high point so far.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Carole King and Joni Mitchell, Liddle has spoke of the influence of the Laurel Canyon on her music. This nod back the era is prevalent throughout the track, and the warm Los Angeles glow shines through unmistakeably here once again. She, following in the footsteps of her inspirations, has the rare ability to fully encapsulate your mind with her voice. As always with her tracks, everything feels so subtle and clean, whilst simultaneously attention grabbing.

The uplifting realism in her lyrics is wonderfully refreshing. Giving her American-inspired sound a real dose of Northern-ness, her storytelling prose style makes it feel much more personal, and gives it a true uniqueness. It paints a picture of the world through her eyes as she real opens her soul as songwriters should do.

After hearing her get better and better track by track, it is becoming increasingly difficult for anyone to deny that she is a star in the making. Take a listen to the track below.

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