We review the new single from Emily Silver – Feel The Flames

Emily Silver’s single, Feel The Flames aims to burn away any sorrows we’re feeling with an explosive four minutes of pop goodness.

The London-based singer takes inspiration from popular artists such as Lady Gaga and P!nk and has some dynamic vocal work to match

Feel The Flames was co-written with Brit Award winner and songwriter, Simon Ellis (Spice Girls, S Club 7). You can hear Ellis’ well-known pop inspiration all over the track, but it’s Silver’s vocals that stand out the most.

The upbeat track is a build-up to a bass-heavy chorus that emanates both disco and club vibes. It’s a track perfectly written for warm summer nights, especially with venues being back open.

The opening electronics and vocal lines give the instant impression that something big will drop. The bass and guitars build up in the background before a steady drum beat enters the fold and the volume is switched up.

You can really feel every bass note from the electronics in the chorus and its upbeat rhythms continue into the second verse and builds up more anticipation.

As Feel The Flames descends into its chorus, it packs a punch with every note and fills you with energy. It’s the perfect distraction we need right now.