We review the new single from Emma Kelly – Loving You

There must be something about songs called ‘Loving You’ that becomes an instant classic. Back with her second release of the year, London based artist Emma Kelly is bringing the summer vibes in her iconic new single. Commercially enchanting, you could easily hear this song at the top of the charts. The type of number that Dua Lipa would want in her own discography, the indie-pop infused single uses hypnotising rhythms and playful lyricism to convey the message of the track.

Explaining all those toxic relationships everyone finds themselves in at some point in their lives, the track details how addicted you can become to someone else. Addicted to their flaws, imperfections and mistakes, the track illustrates knowing your own worth and never letting anyone else change who you are. Relatable and familiar, the track also described how, as humans, we find ourselves making the same mistakes even though we’ve been through them countless times.

The only thing to say about the track is that it feels slightly watered down and has been done before. The pop industry at the moment is hectic and it’s hard to be heard, and sadly, it feels like ‘Loving You’ may be pushed aside ever so slightly simply because there’s nothing ground-breaking within its arrangement. Saying that you can’t take away the talent that Emma Kelly has. An artist still very much at the beginning of her career, this youthful artist could easily have the world in the palm of her hand.

An artist with so much potential.