Escape The Curfew


Doncaster based indie outfit Escape The Curfew return with their stylish new single, City Lights. This is just second single release since distancing themselves from their precious incarnation as cover band. Looking to follow up on the success of 2023’s Devils Advocate, they have once again shown the depth that has allowed them to grow into their current form. 

Defined by its catchy melodies and alluring vocals, City Lights feels like a statement about the heights they can reach with their new original compositions. Although taking some inspiration from the likes of Arctic Monkeys and The Reytons whom they used to cover, they are undoubtedly also adding their own elements, and developing a really interesting sound. 

With members hailing from Doncaster, Wakefield and Manchester, its hard to pin down an exact origin of the band. However, their headline show in Doncaster’s The Leopard on the 16th of March will surely feel like a seminal homecoming with their new sound. With tracks like this, which seem brilliantly suited to live performance, they will surely slot in to this live role effortless. 

City Lights, with its greater developed sound and especially impressive vocal patterns, trumps their previously released track. They took the decision to push themselves and switch to original track, and so far it is paying off, and then some. If they continue in this vein they are surely heading to bigger and better places than they have reached before.

Take a listen below.

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