Etherdene The End
Etherdene The End


Diving into a pool of blissful elegance, Etherdene takes you on an ethereal journey on her new single, The End.

The singer who hails from Portland, Oregan merges delicate synths and steady drum beats to create a steady indie pop track. It’s a soothing track that tackles a tough subject (post-heartbreak) but its sad nature is bursting with positivity.

Whilst the vast majority of the track is engaging and rhythmically sound, the opening ten seconds are an assault on the brain. The opening is a confusing mess of vocals that the listener’s brain cannot comprehend. The vocal effects, accent, and speed of the vocals take a few listens to truly understand what is being said. The first listen felt like this writer couldn’t string the words together.

However, following the confusion, the ethereal synths and Etherdene’s vocals mix tastefully. The progress into a drum section that provides the rhythmic backdrop to the rest of The End. Jangly guitars and additional sonic synths are featured in the second verse with tempos shifting and instrumental volume lifting.

The End becomes more dreamy as its instrumentation and vocal contributions develop. It feels like the closing of a chapter that the lyrics refer to, but positively the beginning of a new one. Etherdene features the lyrics “let it rain, let it pour” as if her past is being washed from her and her amazing past is not her future.

The outro is the final goodbye to the subject matter. The instrumentation kicks things up a notch ever so slightly, with the snare hits feeling more forceful. The drums give off an 80s pop sound from an engaging post-modern piece. Merge that with the dreampop guitars and synths, it feels like a track bursting through the indie scene in the early 90s.

Whilst the introduction threw this writer, as the song progresses it becomes better with every beat and note. Etherdene’s vocals are gentle and inspiring and her soothing sound will be comforting to listeners. This is The End, but now doubt the beginning for Etherdene.