We review the new single from Eugenia Post Meridiem – Crucial Spring

The latest single from their brilliant sophomore album, ‘Crucial Spring’ is the new offering from Eugenia Post Meridiem. Dramatically atmospheric, ‘Crucial Spring’ creates a revolving feeling of continuity, with rhythmically finger-picked guitars, reminiscent of Half Moon Run, and word heavy lyrics create rhythmic continuity.

‘Crucial Spring’ is evidently split into two distinctive sections, the first complimenting the second, representing the familiar push and pull of life. The first section of the song is marked by minor inflected melodies that turn on themselves, and sonic elements creating a vast and rugged wintery landscape. This is blown away by the song’s second section which sees the melodies lift to a major pattern, lighter both in melody and instrumentation. This night and day contained within the song blurs any sense of strict verse and chorus, a refreshing structural change that allows the listener to float through the song, free of expectation.

Eugenia Post Meridiem say “The whole song is built on the contrast of atmospheres and meanings they create, opposing and complementing each other.” You can hear this sonic landscape they create very clearly in the fragmented ‘verses’ where the vocals and standard instrumentation die away, leaving swirling sounds in their wake, inferring the changing atmospheres in the song.

This eclectic Italian quartet doesn’t shy away from the unconventional and unusual, allowing the song to shift into a meandering exploration of its own sound, rather than forcing it into a verse chorus verse structure. The lead vocals have a certain Alice Phoebe Lou quality about them, airy and ethereal, grounded by Half Moon Run harmonies and guitar lines.

The result is a beautifully textured song that does the job of a single by piquing our interest and drawing us into the album as a whole. The album ‘like I need a tension’ is an 8-track masterpiece of creative experimentation, poetic and reflective, it offers a wealth of references and influences. Eugenia Post Meridiem is an exciting band to emerge from the Italian scene, and it will be interesting to see how they continue to push their sound to new heights with each upcoming release.