Impossible to define and remarkably creative, West Yorkshire, two-piece, Experiment 637 transport listeners to their world with ‘Plains’ the first taste of their debut album Sleepwater, releasing September 2022.

It is easy when experimenting with psychedelia, left-field production, and unusual song structures to add elements that add little to the narrative or soundscape of the track. ‘Plains’, with its warping delay, diverse instrumentation, and diverse sections could have easily fallen into that hole, but it doesn’t.

A notion of enjoyment within the creative process transpires beautifully, with lyricism alluding to a new dawn and the beginning of a happier phase of life, tying the cut together effortlessly, despite not being in love with the mix of the vocal.

A swirling texture adds depth to a plethora of brilliantly composed instrumentation, from the piano and distant distorted guitar to synthesised orchestral elements, Experiment 637 demonstrates their musicianship on this debut offering.

Musically, there is undoubtedly a Radiohead influence present, with the instrumental density of Little Dark Age era MGMT, both of which are channeled well, not feeling derivative at any point.

Experiment 637 are exciting. Their no-holds-barred approach to songwriting has produced a refreshingly adventurous, yet mellow single in ‘Plains’ which has you on the edge of your seat throughout its three-minute run time.