We review the new single from Faux Pas – This Will Kill You

With such a strongly worded title, This Will Kill You is a nice delve back into the sometimes overlooked hard rock genre. 

Utilising techniques and styles from various genres such as grunge, hardcore and other heavier styles. Faux Pas succeeds nicely in bringing in elements such as a breakdown, a gentle outro, and explicit language. 

There is a predominantly heavy feel up until the outro, with harsh grunge and punk style guitar thrashing, playing heavy down strung notes. Straight from the outset, Faux Pas knows the mood they want to set. The more grunge elements come in later with the off-kilter notes playing and distorting at points. Continuing on, there’s the hardcore inspired breakdown, as the tilt into a slower tempo and the literal collapse of the song on itself. Finally closing out with a single echoing guitar, coupled only to the vocals. 

That, in itself, is why Faux Pas go above and beyond with this track, the ever-changing style and use of guitar throughout. Whilst the drums are a thrashing and powerful performance with a rough edge. And the lyrics are a slightly unhinged and scarred performance, with emotion seeping into the words through carefully timed voice cracks. 

This Will Kill You is going to be decisive as to whether you love it or hate it. For those wanting something with a harder edge and more gritty feel, it’s perfect. It captures the spirit of a heavy alternative song. But for those wanting a cleaner and more technical performance with a more polished feel. There will be moments to enjoy, just not as many.