We Review the New Single from Feralman – Belive

With a name like Feralman, one would be forgiven for assuming the music made under such a moniker would be somewhat dark, aggressive or maybe a little unhinged. That couldn’t be further than the truth however, at least as far as recent single ‘Believe‘ goes.

Though some of their previous singles do harbour a quiet air of darkness, ‘Let It Heal You’ for instance, or ‘Anniversary Song’, ‘Believe’ feels as optimistic as its name suggests. A little over three minutes of beautifully understated folk-pop, it’s a steadily mounting track that builds over the course of its run-time; impactful percussion and subtle strings serve to heighten the track’s overt emotion, bringing to mind acts such as Bear’s Den or The Lion and The Wolf perfectly.

Though it may lack some of the immediacies that earlier Feralman releases hold, the understated and insidious nature of the track means its appeal is no less strong, it just takes a little longer to take hold. When it does, however, it takes root, proving itself as a track one isn’t likely to forget in a hurry.

Of course, for those who like their music heavier, more energetic, or even more aggressive, ‘Believe‘, and indeed Feralman as a whole probably won’t appeal.

For those that want their music softer, more meditative, and more introspective, it provides a lush and texturous escape, if only for three minutes. Arousing and delicate folk-pop offering that’s well worth spending some time with.