We Review The New Single From Finding Bella – Drama Kids

Finding Bella creates vivid imagery of a classic night out backed by bouncy indie guitar notes in their latest single, Drama Kids.

The West Midlands group celebrates indie guitar music with an onslaught of riffs, solos, and progressive pedal-heavy tones. Whilst the overall topic and general song progression provides nothing new to the listener from the last 15 years of British indie music, Finding Bella aims to give their sound variety and a lot more flare.

From the get-go you’re given the expectation of the song, you’re going to get huge guitars, galloping drums, and splendid descriptive vocals. Whilst Drama Kids doesn’t blow my socks off or even remove them in the slightest, it is a marriage of vocals and guitars and presents catchy riffs that any indie band would be proud of.

Even as the song moves toward the bridge, there is a further display of the guitar variations in the solo before returning to its post-chorus on a grander scale. The guitar work is the exceptional takeaway from this piece and to those who bask in the indie world with rose-tinted glasses and the enjoyment of a classy Saturday night around the town, Drama Kids is for you.

The only major negative to really throw at this piece is how many times are bands going to write about nights out as if we all have such a unique experience wherever we are in the UK. It feels as though indie music cannot step away from the subject matter and yes it encompasses the indie culture, but how many times do we need to hear the sun going down?

What is important to mention, however, is that Finding Bella has a really exciting sound. They explore their tones and riffage more than a lot of indie bands in their scene and it is of the utmost interest that I await their future pieces of work.