We review the new single from FKB – Beautiful Fantasy

Alberta based alternative-rock band FKB have recently returned with their latest single, ‘Beautiful Fantasy’. The release of ‘Beautiful Fantasy’ follows on from the 2020 single, ‘Glow’, which saw the Canadian band burst onto the scene – creating a growing fanbase and building upon their foundations.

‘Beautiful Fantasy’ feels like a perfect way to say goodbye to the summer months, uplifting, cheerful, and nostalgic, it is destined to have listeners reminiscing on the fun they had in the warmer weather. Reminiscent of cheerful, yet melancholy tinged 2000’s indie bangers, FKB excel within ‘Beautiful Fantasy’.

Throughout the track, it becomes clear that FKB have a range of musical influences. ‘Beautiful Fantasy’ sees the band combine the likes of The Beatles and Elvis Presley with elements of modern musicians such as Foster The People and The Weeknd to create a song that is captivating and unique.

Funky guitar work, synths, and impressive vocal delivery combine within ‘Beautiful Fantasy’ to make what could potentially be FKB’s strongest release to date.

With this number being added to a wealth of material under their belts, FKB proves that they mean business. If ‘Beautiful Fantasy’ is anything to go by, FKB are about to hurl themselves into the limelight.