We review the new single from Floral Image – El Topo

Rich with lush textures, ‘El Topo‘ is the brand new single from Norwich’s own psychedelic pop four-piece known as Floral Image. An explorative work inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky’s cult cinema classic, ‘El Topo’ takes you on an epic audio journey through a mind-bending imaginary landscape. Delivering dynamism, depth, and complex textures, ‘El Topo’ is a triumphant release for this band and brings the summer to a climatic close.

In true psychedelic fashion, ‘El Topo’ rarely stands still, tempo and texture fluctuating constantly throughout the song which has an impressive run time of almost 7 minutes. Heavy and mysterious, Floral Image likes to think they have done Jedorowsky proud with their meandering exploration of sounds. The single’s dreamy B-Side ‘Subpoena’ is a euphoric daydream, a nostalgic reflection of the final days of summer. 

Floral Image pride itself on bringing its summery sounds into the context of night, emerging as composers for an eternal twilight party. With these two tracks they effortlessly master the ebbs and flows of both songs, displaying utmost control of tone and energy as they channel their artistic vision into the music we can all access. Both ‘El Topo’ and ‘Subpoena’ are freeing listening experiences, encouraging you to let your inhibitions go, and to follow the flow of their music.

Coming to an energetic close, ‘Subpoena’ allows a cathartic ending and sets the scene for plenty more to follow, which we hope it does. Already picked out as ones to watch by BBC Introducing, Floral Image have built up a dedicated following around the UK, with sold-out shows across the UK including supporting Triptides, Flamingods, and Flying Moon In Space, where their live show has proven to spiral audiences into trance-like, grooving hedonism.

Masterfully layering their songs with meaning and symbolism, Floral Image intends to bring you on a journey with them as they ask you to dial in and drop out.