We review the new single from Floral Image – Magic Train

If there were ever a song that might hypnotise you then I think it might be this one. Floral Image’s new single ‘Magic Train’ is almost six minutes of trance-inducing music for you to enjoy.

An ethereal soundscape that washes over you with ease, ‘Magic Train’ shuffles along all the way to the end before you’ve even realised it’s over.

This psychedelic pop track doesn’t have the typical attributes of a single release. It’s unquestionably long, it is tricky to latch onto any repetitive melodies,  and it moves at a trundling pace that would make you want to speed it up if you weren’t in the right mood. You could certainly describe it as a slow burner.

Perhaps these characteristics are the exact reason it stands out though. It’s not what you expect from a single, but having listened to it you might choose to remember the name Floral Image when you do need a song to relax and drift along with.

Talking about the track, the band said the song is ‘a hypnotic commute to an ambient destination that’s sure to leave you in a glad-faced trance’. I couldn’t really put it better myself.

The release of ‘Magic Train’ comes alongside a big run of shows across the summer for the Norwich band. From London to Manchester, and even to Paris, you’ll be able to catch them all over the place.

Give ‘Magic Train’ a listen, and if you like what you hear then why not go and see them! Let us know what you think!