We review the new single from For The Girl – The New Dance Movement

It’s immediately evident from the opening notes, The New Dance Movement is something all its own and like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Best described as a mix between an 80’s rock ballad and a modern dance tune, with all the sensibilities of the modern day. 

There’s a grand feeling to The New Dance Movement, with its incorporation of space rock elements, such as editions of synth and powerful guitar riffs. Constantly there is this ebb and flow to the song as it weaves from a dance track to rock track. It’s this seesawing style throughout, along with the many instrumental elements the bands six members cover, that really hit a sweet spot of unique sound. 

The bright neon aesthetic, the use of pop and rock fusion, gives off a very new wave futuristic style that makes for an incredibly interesting listen. But even in an ocean of synth notes and guitar chords, the vocal performance stands powerful and clear. The lyrical performance is a standout, given the amount of power and prevalence throughout the song. 

The one criticism that could be drawn, and it’s a stretch, is the overworked feel of the chorus. It could be said that it’s a little overused, especially in the later half, and does lose some impact after being repeated several times. It’s the simplicity of it as well which could be a factor. 

But overall, The New Dance Movement is quite the powerful song that packs a lot of punch. It makes a distinct impact and is incredibly memorable, with a lot of uniqueness backing it up.