We review the new single from Fraser McLean – Air’s Getting Thinner

With a solid mixture of a classic British indie vocals, and subtle EDM, Fraser McLean presents, Air’s Getting Thinner. 

Starting out with a generally simple and safe opening, we’re introduced to McLean’s delightfully clean voice. The opening moments are only supplemented by a subtle choir vocal background and an acoustic guitar. 

Quickly though, the track evolves into a much more EDM inspired ballad, filled with drum machine beats, smooth synth, and some artificially enhanced string arrangements. Adding in some heavily altered vocals to back up the main performance, it very quickly becomes a heavily layered track that’s filled with a variety of different sounds. 

At its core, it’s a solid coupling of a dance track that brings in McLean’s own sensibilities and a vocal performance which many would think would be more suited to a track that’s got more of an indie flair. Admittedly it would be a performance that would easily fit to an acoustic backing, and nothing would need to be altered. Even the opening hints at what might have been with its simplistic opening. 

But there’s no points lost for Air’s Getting Thinner, as due to how the production has been handled, the track still compliments the vocals amazingly. The drum beat is quite subtle and minimal, allowing the gentle vocals to really shine through with panache. 

It’s quite the interesting move, and is absolutely a gamble with how the genre altering moves the goalpost quite far. But it’s a gamble that does pay off in the end. Due to the lack of big beats and usage of more subtle elements, the vocals are really allowed to shine and breathe freely, centring the track. 

Air’s Getting Thin is pretty much as close to a ballad as a dance track can get, with its themes being about relationships, extremely clean vocals, and laid back feel. It’s an interesting mixture for sure, although one that may leave people with mixed feelings that may be quite difficult to nail down.