We review the new single from Full Billy – Power Couple

Red flags and youthful optimism – Preston four-piece Full Billy serve up their debut release – the new single ‘Power Couple’.

Eschewing the often-expected indie centric sounds of the North West, the over four-minute track channels a more 90s/00s alt-rock approach with its emotionally-charged, upbeat sentiment.

Opening with piercing feedback that fills your earlugs, it’s not long before an explosion of punchy drums and biting guitars enter the mix. The spiralling melodic guitar riffs chase you along throughout the track as a rumbling bass keeps the rhythm hammering on.

It’d be fair to say that bands like Jimmy Eat World, The Killers and Placebo are brought to mind when listening. The latter two especially in terms of lead singer Joe’s vocals– there’s an almost theatrical element to the delivery that is reminiscent (in places) of fellow frontmen Brandon Flowers and Brian Molko respectively.
A distinctive attitude, with a belting fitful twang that projects a range of melancholic emotions against a danceable beat. There’s also an echoey reverbed aspect to the vocals that give a near ‘vintage’ quality. Not completely clean, more like singing through an old radio or speaker or something… which perhaps adds to its charm.

Telling the story of “that frail relationship where all you have to celebrate are the flaws”, its full of heartfelt and often misguided lyricism – relatable for those of us who’ve ever found ourselves in a toxic tryst foolishly longing for things to work out. And I can imagine that’s a good majority.
“Please don’t change / I love it all / I want us to be like this / Unstoppable”

Power Couple’ is an impressive debut release, with a sound that is built for much bigger stages than the band will be currently playing. But hey, who knows what the future holds?